There is powerful scientific evidence that wildlife road crossings work. Together with innovative and economical new technologies, public support and political leadership are needed to advance landscape connectivity. By investigating the tensions at the intersection of people and wildlife, science and design, XING seeks to engage this dialogue to reconnect nature and culture in our growing cities, and ultimately to reweave the shared landscapes we call home.

XING was inspired by the success of the 2010 ARC International Design Competition to build a wildlife crossing bridge in Vail, Colorado. As part of a continental project to ensure safe passage for both humans and animals on and across our roads, ARC works to educate, innovate and advocate for leading-edge solutions to human and wildlife mobility and for long-term landscape connectivity. XING extends this mission beyond a single bridge for wildlife to engage with the public through interactive research-based exhibits that creatively explore new thinking, new methods, new materials and new solutions for safe passage.